That which does not kill me shall make me irradiated

I just read that there are currently fourteen American submarines armed with a total of 1152 MIRV nuclear warheads, each of which split into several individual nuclear warheads.

This number is only what is carried on American Submarines, and does not include the nuclear weapons stored on land, in bombers, or even in subs that don't serve under the United States Navy.

Have I talked about Brawl+ yet to you guys?

Apparently not. Man, this whole space between swine flu and now has been WEIRD, but I think after thanksgiving break was over I finally got myself back into my groove.

Anyways, Brawl+ is a version of super smash brothers brawl that's been modified so that the game runs way the fuck faster. They also did something weird with something called a "buffer" (as I understand it, it's something to do with how long of a time can go by between when you hit the button and when the move is actually performed) to make the game run INSANE. With both of these combined, the game is now all about making insane fucking combos, which are both easier to pull off and insanely more impressive. On top of all this, they also fixed minor problems with balancing (for example: Ness is retardedly buff), and added a few extra skins to characters (all-time favorite: Teenage Mutant Ninja Squirtle). Essentially, this is now my favorite fighting game.

Earlier today, Roy, Efron, and Erik (efron's roommate) were all playing smash and arguing about it, and came upon an argument. This argument was about Ganondorf, who efron loves to play and we all hate playing against. Why? Well you see, Gorfadorf punches so much harder than anyone else in the game that by the fifth or sixth punch in a combo, you are guaranteed to be dead. He also weighs more than any other character, so punching him out of the ring is next to impossible. His tradeoff is that he's also the SLOWEST character in the game, but when you're the walking tank that Ganondorf is, it doesn't really matter. Roy believes this to be a completely unfair advantage, whereas I feel it's a legitimate strategy, albeit a douchey one.

Fortunately, we reached a conclusion! It's acceptable to play Ganondorf IF AND ONLY IF you admit beforehand that you are an asshole.

Squeal piggy, squeal!

Welp, I'm still coughing my brains out, but my fever's been gone for a few days and the body aches are gone. I'm not even throwing up anymore! Also I am back in the dorms, so I can effectively say that swine flu has been effectively dealt with.

I can't wait for people to freak out over swine flu around me so i can stop them mid-sentence with "bitch, please...."

H1N1 Here I come

So according to the doctor, I have Swine Fucking Flu. Basically, it just feels like a really bad flu, but it's contaigous enough so that i'm constantly wearing a mask and gloves. I'm staying with my parents until I feel better, but holy christ do i just want this to go away.